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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Building Blocks


To succeed at anything needs a lot of work.  I think as long as one can stay positive and  acknowledge the stumble blocks there is space for growth.

Take care :)


  1. Would you share a bit about how this page was constructed? It is beautiful! Shannon

    1. Hi Shannon! Thanks for the visit and comment. I constructed this page in the same way I did all my other pages. Click on my tutorials to see the steps I follow to create one of my pages.

      I found the picture of the woman leaning against the wall and a lamp shade in a magazine. I turned the lamp shade upside down .. I turned it into a vase.
      First step was to paint the background.
      Second step .. paste pictures.
      Third step ... used craft acrylic to paint flowers to fill my vase
      Fourth step ... painted over the magazine image on the right. I used blueberry and tan to paint the blocks. I painted the hair and changed the clothing as well by using red and white. For the shadows in the dress I used the same blueberry I used on the stone blocks. I painted the face as well with a salmon color.
      Step five.... Added more details with watercolor pencils.
      Step six... Used a black calligraphy marker to write the words Building Blocks. Also used a permanent black marker with a fine point to do the outlines and details in face etc. and rest of the writing.
      Step seven ... Used my alphabet stamps to do the rest of the words.
      Hope that helps. :)

    2. Thanks so much! I've used your prompts from the art journal group and love them. I was most interested on this page in how you use print images like the magazine Images and reinvent them into something new. You are more than a gifted artist and technician, your ability to envision the transformation of the common is incredible....the mark of real creativity. I have loved your prompts and now am eager to see your blog each time it pops up in my box. Thanks for your generosity in sharing!

    3. Hi Shannon!
      Thank you so much for the lovely comment :)

      I am really glad that you enjoy the prompts. I do try to keep them interesting.

      I love sharing and it is for people like you who appreciate it that I do it. If I can make a difference in someone's life and bring just a little bit of inspiration then I am thankful. Thank you so much for your support Shannon!

      Take care :D


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