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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Artword 2013

There are only two more days left for the year 2012 and for some of us we are already thinking of the coming year and what we want to achieve. We will right down our goals for the year, speak about New Year's Resolutions and most of the time we will get side-tracked as life happens and forget all about our good intentions. 

I was watching a movie the other night called "Speak" which gave me an 'aha' moment. For those of you who haven't seen it I will give a summary.  It stars a 13 year old Kristen Stewart as Melinda Sordino, who is starting  high school as a freshman. She practically stops talking after being raped by a senior student the previous year and this has the effect on her becoming silent and drawn into herself. 

As the year progresses, Melinda begins a painfully slow healing process with the help of her art teacher. The art teacher wrote different words on paper, cut them out, folded it and threw them into a bowl. Every student had the opportunity to dip into the bowl and without looking pick one. They had to use that one word through out the year in their art. 

Melinda's word was tree and it is absolutely wonderful to see how she explore her emotions and how she uses this tree in her art. Her healing process starts and the movie ends where she had the guts to face what happened and she started talking. She told her mother what happened to her. She had her art teacher in tears when he saw her tree-art. He could feel all the raw emotion that went into her art. 

What a wonderful thing art is! 

The movie really spoke to my heart and the next day I was thinking about the way she used that one word in her art which lead me to my new year resolution for the year of 2013. I will not make any resolutions this year! I am going to find one word that will be my word to explore. 

My first thought was to use 'heart'. I could use hearts in my art and really make that my symbol for the year. Yes, that is great but why don't I dig a bit deeper? What will heart mean to me? I thought well I want to open my heart to so many more things and doesn't everything come from the heart plus I want to loose some weight which will also be good for my heart. I pondered about this but then my word came to me!  I want to be open to receive all the things that are good for not only my heart but my entire being! I want to experience 2013 with an open everything. Open eyes, ears, arms, mind and heart. I want to look for doors to open wide. I want to read more so I need to open more books. I want to loose weight then I need to be open to a new way of lifestyle. This felt right! Yes my word will be open! 

How am I going to use my word?

I found this old sketchbook in my art stash which I will dedicate to my word for the year. I will let this word speak to me and by working with this word on every page it will be a constant reminder to me this coming year. I also decided that I will choose three colors only to use and I chose black, white and red which to me is a symbol of negative and positive. Open to get rid of the negative and open to the new positive energies I want to bring into my life. Red therefor symbolizes energy. 

And not only will I be open to receive all of these things but I will be open to share and give in return! 

Ansota is really happy with her artword and ready to start 2013! 


  1. Monica - what a wonderful idea! Your thoughts for what you want to achieve in 2013 are very similar to mine, and I was wondering how I could incorporate my artwork to help me achieve these. Your approach sounds just to find my word..........

    1. Thanks for the visit Yvonne! I will keep a look out to see which word you are going to choose! :)


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