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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Just Let it Be

There are days when life is trying its best to get the better of you. On those days it is better to just let things be. Life is about living through the good and bad days with the hope of a better tomorrow. Tonight I am thankful that this week is over and I have time to relax a bit after running around at work. It has been an extremely busy week but it's over now and I can breathe again. This week I want to share with you two of the pages from my art journal. 
On the first page I decided to paint my own picture. I messed up her one eye because I was tired and made a booboo so i "fixed" it. I used a clipping from a magazine which had the color to match her dress and created a hat to cover that part of her face. 

The second page was one I did by using no magazine clippings at all. I started by painting my imaginary butterfly girl. I call her Annie and love to draw her. I love anything with wings! lol and my Annie brings out the child in me. 

I did a lot of writing on this page and painted the flower, doodled the hearts on a string and then used scrapbook paper to add a bit of interest at the top of the page. This page is more like my traditional everyday style I use in my everyday journaling. I will do a tutorial in a future post discussing how I approach these pages. 

I do like some structure in my work and will discuss layouts and how and what to write as well in the future. 

I wrote Archetypes on this page because I have a workshop starting this coming Sunday and received my email from Anne Marie from Kaleidosoul to remind me of that. I have been doing Soul Collage for some time now and try to do as many workshops as I possibly can plus I love Anne Marie's soft and gentle way of teaching. 

Well that is me for the week. Wishes to all for a wonderful creative week filled with blessings and laughter. 

Take care
Ansota :) 


  1. It is late, on my way to bed, but just popped in to see your lovely journal pages :o)


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