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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Monthly Calendar Challenge

The monthly calendar challenge is something I have never tried before. After reading about it and seeing all the wonderful pages on  Kate's blog The Kathryn Wheel I decided to join in the fun. I stitched a book together with enough pages for every month to last me up to the end of 2013. I don't know if I will keep up with it but at this moment in time I am very positive and hopeful that I will do them every month. The preparation to do the page takes a while but once that is out of the way all I need is 5 minutes every day to write something in my little one an a half inch square about the day and I am done. Now that doesn't seem to be too much don't you agree? :)
I took pictures to show you how I created my page for November. 

This is the front and back of the cover looking at the book side ways.

 I first prepared my background by painting greens and blues mixed with dabs of pink and yellow. 

The next step was to use stencils and drawing ink. I have my drawing ink in a mister bottle and it works like a charm. 

And then I did some stamping! I love stamps. It just add something special to any page.

I then went through my papers and found a sheet with a color that I liked, printed out the days of the week and the word November 2012 and cut and glued them with the thirty squares into place. . 

I needed to add my own touch to the page and started to draw one of my butterfly folk at the empty space at the top of the squares. I like how his little blue face turned out. 

And of course I just had to doodle it up a bit as well! The last step was to use my number stamps to stamp each date onto each of the squares. And my month is ready! :)

My month has been prepared and all I need to do now is to fill in my little squares every day.  
Ansota :)


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  2. How lovely is that! So bright in color and so useful :)


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